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Dr. Diana Chiu

Dr. Diana Chiu


Clinical Research Fellow – Institute of Population Health


Dr. Chiu is a specialty trainee in nephrology. Currently she is undertaking a research project funded by Kidney Research UK on non-invasive bedside risk assessment for Sudden Cardiac Death in patients undergoing haemodialysis. This is under the supervision of Professor Philip Kalra, Dr Smeeta Sinha and Dr. Darren Green. Collaborators include Distinguished Professor of statistics Peter Diggle from Lancaster University and Consultant cardiologist Dr. Nik Abidin. Dr. Chiu’s research interests include sudden cardiac death, haemodialysis, electrolyte disorders and cardiovascular disease. In addition, she has particular interest and is actively involved in promotion of renal research to the public.


MBchB (with honours) The University of Manchester 2004
MRCP Royal College of Physicians 2007
MRCP (Nephrology) Royal College of Physicians 2012
PGCert (Distinction) Medical Education 2012
Birmingham University and North West Deanery


Renal Association
British Transplantation Society
American Society of Nephrology
Royal College of Physicians (London)
Nephrology SPR Club (North West Representative, Committee Member)


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