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Dr. Constantina (Tina) Chrysochou

Dr. Constantina (Tina) Chrysochou


MBChB (Pretoria, South Africa) 2001
MRCP (London, UK) 2005
PhD (The University of Manchester, UK) 2011


Dr Constantina (Tina) Chrysochou is a locum nephrology consultant at SRFT. She completed her PhD entitled ‘Prediction of renal function post revascularization in atheromatous renovascular disease (ARVD) using magnetic resonance imaging’ in 2011. Her research areas of interest include the epidemiology and effects of ARVD, with a specific emphasis on both contrast and non-contrast enhanced radiological methods to analyse and predict renal functional response to revascularization. She is am a co-applicant on a current KRUK grant to further our departments ARVD radiological research with the aim to make magnetic resonance a one stop diagnostic and prognostic tool in ARVD.

Dr Chrysochou also has a specialist interest in the unique and rare condition nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) and has been appointed to the international NSF board as a medical advisor.


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  1. Renovascular Hypertension.

Constantina Chrysochou and Philip A Kalra Vascular Surgery – cases, questions and commentaries, 3e  edited by George Geroulakos and Bauer Sumpio.