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Dr. Smeeta Sinha

Dr. Smeeta Sinha


Dr Smeeta Sinha was appointed as a Consultant Nephrologist in May 2010 and was awarded her PhD Medicine from the University of Manchester in December 2010. Her PhD was entitled “The Effects of Bisphosphonates and modulation of protein prenylation on vascular calcification”. She also holds an honorary senior lecturer post at the University of Manchester.

Dr Sinha’s research interests include chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder, in particular vascular calcification. She is the principle investigator for the UK Calciphylaxis Study. The study is a multi-centre (74 UK renal units) observational study developed in collaboration with European colleagues (International Calciphylaxis Collaborative Network). She also supports a number of other research studies within the department.


MBchB The University of Manchester 2000
MRCP London 2003
PhD Medicine University of Manchester 2010


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