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 Beatrice Coupes

Beatrice Coupes


BSc Hons (Mcr 1972), MSc Renal Immunology (Mcr 1982)

Special interests:

I am a Principal Clinical Scientist in Renal Research, and currently a member of several research teams who have initiated, obtained funding for, and are carrying out clinically orientated research in the following areas: acute kidney injury in Paediatric Intensive Care, depression and anxiety in advanced renal disease, Dried Blood Spots as a method of sample collection for Renal lab tests, and EBV infection and PTLD post-transplant.

Brief biography

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I was a lab based scientist for most of my career, firstly at the University of Manchester and then at CMFT, developing and applying lab methods to renal research, including immunoassay, molecular techniques, and electrophoresis. My role included the lab supervision of several clinical fellows at MD and PhD level. More recently I have concentrated on developing and writing project protocols, grant applications in new areas of work, applications for ethical and R&D approval, and co-ordination of academic trials. I am co-authoring the manuscript output from these studies.

I am a member of the Renal Association and the British Transplant Soc.


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