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Dr. Ramya Bhargava


Renal Research Fellow, Manchester Institute of Nephrology and Transplantation


MBBS, MRCP (Internal Med), MRCP (Nephrology)

Special interests

CKD-MBD, Hyperphosphatemia and its management, mechanisms of disease in CKD-MBD.

Brief biography

I completed my medical degree in India (Karnatak University) with a distinction in 2001 and completed my core medical training on the West midlands SHO rotation in 2006. I started my Nephrology training on the SpR rotation in the North-west deanery in 2007. A NIHR (CLAHRC) project grant and a subsequent NIHR-RfPB program grant enabled to start my research in hyperphosphataemia in CKD in 2012. I am currently pursuing an MD at the University of Manchester. My research focuses on the clinical outcomes of hyperphosphataemia treatment and the implications of therapeutic modulation of phosphate on the FGF23-klotho axis. I have presented results at the ERA-EDTA and the ASN conferences.

I also do a transplant recipient assessment clinic once a week as part of my clinical commitment.


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