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Dr. Grahame Wood

Dr. Grahame Wood


Consultant Renal Physician / Honorary Lecturer
Salford Royal Foundation Trust



MB ChB Victoria University of Manchester


CCST Renal Medicine and General (Internal) Medicine


MD thesis Victoria University of Manchester




Dr Wood has been a Consultant Renal Physician at Salford since 1999.
He practices in all aspects for kidney disease and has extensive roles in chronic kidney disease, kidney transplantation and live donation and also home haemodialysis.

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies

Renal Association
Medical Research Society
British Medical Association
British Hypertension Society
Fellow Royal College of Physicians
British Transplantation Society
Manchester Medical Society

Teaching and Educational Roles

Postgraduate teaching Salford, Wigan and Leigh
Clinical undergraduate teaching
Supervisor final year medical student placements
Clinical supervisor FY1/FY2/ST1/ST2 trainees
CMT Educational Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor clinical fellows and associate specialists
ST3 (Renal) educational supervisor

Lead clinician for renal patient view at Salford

Renal PatientView was launched at SRFT on World Kidney Day in March 2007. It enables patients to view their information from anywhere in the world and share it with anyone they want.

SRFT was the first renal unit on non-Proton system submitting data to RPV. Worked in collaboration with IT department and through the IT Governance Group to enable access for Salford kidney patients. This was a significant challenge and had not been achieved before within the National Program For IT.
Renal patient view aims to provide on-line information for kidney patients about diagnosis, treatment and latest laboratory results. With this patients can:

  • Find out about their latest laboratory blood test results
  • Read on-line information about their kidney conditions
  • Read about renal diets and a host of patient centred information
  • Check on transplant listing linking to the United Kingdom TTSA system
  • This new system takes information from renal unit computer system and links to useful explanations about kidney conditions and treatment. Information is accessed using a username and password
  • The aim is to give patients easier access to information about their conditions. Whether at home, with the GP or on holiday!

It is part of the Renal Information Exchange Group – a group representing renal professional and patient associations interested in healthcare information. It is related to care planning in the Renal National Service Framework Information Strategy.

Research experience

MD Thesis: Dyslipidaemia and Interstitial Fluid Composition in Renal Disease

MD thesis awarded by Manchester University, working in the University Department of Medicine (Lipoprotein Research Group). Acquired skills in various biochemical techniques, participated in several projects investigating the pathogenesis and treatment of hyperlipidaemia in patients with diabetes mellitus and inherited lipoprotein disorders.
Demonstrated lipid and lipoprotein derangements in patients with renal disease. In particular interstitial fluid composition and aspects of the return of excess cholesterol from tissues to the liver.

While continuing to deliver and develop high quality clinical service remained active in research. Additionally many posters and paper presentations at national and international meetings.

Research activity includes –

SHARP trial CVS risk in kidney patients
CRISIS study of the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease
ASTRAL trial of intervention in renovascular disease
Chief Investigator Study of PA21 a novel phosphate binder in haemodialysis
Co-Investigator Aurora Study of Rosuvastatin in haemodialysis
Co-investigator Dynepo trial new anaemia treatment in haemodialysis
Co-investigator Prims International observational study of EPO safety in kidney patients.
CREATE Trial investigating the impact of early correction of anemia in renal disease on CVS risk
DOPPS international dialysis outcomes registry
ATTOM study: Patient Access to Renal Transplantation
OVERTURE study: Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease Observational Study
BASIC study: National Barriers to Home Haemodialysis

Md Thesis: Dyslipidaemia And Interstitial Fluid Composition In Renal Disease


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