News and events

Greater Manchester Academic Nephrology Network Symposium

29th November 2017, 2.00pm–Close

GMANN meeting: 29th November 2017 @ Seminar room 7, 2nd floor, Mayo Building, Salford Royal Hospital

Greater Manchester Academic Nephrology Network Symposium

30th November 2016, 1.00pm–Close

GMANN meeting: 30th November 2016 @ Seminar room 6, 2nd floor, Mayo Building, Salford Royal Hospital

MaRM Network Launch Evening

23rd May 2016, 3.30–9.30pm, Whitworth Art Gallery

The Manchester Regenerative Medicine Network is holding a Launch evening at the Whitworth Art Gallery to celebrate the official launch of the network. The evening will consist of short talks showcasing the Regenerative Medicine research taking place in Manchester and the will span the breadth of our research, from basic biology to clinical trials of novel Regenerative Medicine technologies.

The evening will be divided into two sessions: 1) Basic Regenerative Medicine Research, with Enrique Amaya, Brian Derby and Elly Cartwright/Delvac Oceandy speaking, and 2) Translational Regenerative Medicine Research, with Sue Kimber, Brian Bigger and Giulio Cossu speaking. Our plenary lecture: “Cellular Therapy for Arthritic Disease: Clinical Progress and Translational Obstacles”, will kindly be given by Professor Frank Barry of REMEDI and NUI Galway.

Once the seminars have completed, we will have the use of the South Gallery, facing Whitworth park, for a fully catered Networking and poster session.

Please register your intent to attend so we can plan for the catering accordingly: MaRM Event Tickets.

The Kidney: Development, Disease and Regeneration conference

8–10 September 2015, The University of Liverpool

Sessions will include:

  • Kidney development
  • In vitro culture systems: directing stem cell differentiation and monitoring physiological and pharmacological properties
  • Medical devices and imaging strategies for monitoring kidney anatomy and function in vivo
  • Evaluating the efficacy of stem cell-based therapies in preclinical models

GMANN meeting

1st July 2015, 1.30–5pm

GMANN meeting: 1st July 1.30–5pm @ Seminar room B, Hope Building, Salford Royal Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

GMANN meeting

10th December 2014, 1–4.30pm

GMANN meeting: 10th December 1–4.30pm @ MINT Seminar Suite, Manchester Royal Infirmary.

GMANN meeting

23rd July 2014, 2–5pm

GMANN meeting: 23rd July 2–5pm @ Seminar Room B, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

GMANN meeting

27th November 2013, 1.50–5.30pm

GMANN meeting: 27th November 1.50–5.30pm @ MINT (Manchester Institute for Nephrology & Transplantation), Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Healthy Kidneys Healthy Lives event

8th December 2013, 10:30–3:30pm

Healthy Kidneys Healthy Lives event 8th December 10:30–3:30pm, Platinum Suite, De Vere Venues Whites, Reebok Stadium, Bolton BL6 6SF. A meeting for patients, the public and researchers to hear about kidney research at Salford Royal and everyone can get involved.