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Dr. James Ritchie

Dr. James Ritchie


Clinical Research Fellow – Center for Epidemiology, Institute of Population Health.


Dr. Ritchie is a specialty trainee in nephrology who is undertaking research within the Center for Epidemiology under the supervision of Professor Philip Kalra and Dr. Smeeta Sinha. His main program of research aims to better describe the effects of clinical presentation and medical therapy on prognosis in atherosclerotic renovascular disease. In addition to this he has interests in how novel analytical methodologies may increase the value of large-scale observational datasets.


Renal Association (founder member of Renal Clinical Skills Research Forum)
American Society of Nephrology
Royal College of Physicians (Ed)

Research topics

High-risk clinical presentations in atherosclerotic renovascular disease (ARVD)
Improved methods to describe disease burden in ARVD
Predictive strategies to assess risk for progression to end-stage kidney disease in ARVD
Application of double robust regression to assess randomized trial results within observational data

Skills and knowledge

Analytical skills

Planning of data capture, data cleansing and statistical analysis. Advanced methodologies including probability of treatment weighting, penalized spline models and double robust regression.

Clinical trials experience

Grant writing, patient recruitment, data collection.



Prof PA Kalra
Dr. S Sinha
Dr. D Green


Dr. R Foley (United States Renal Data System)
Dr. B Braam (University of Alberta)
Dr. F Kronenberg (University of Innsbruck)



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